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At UltraCharge, we believe in keeping our investors and stakeholders regularly updated on everything happening within the business. In this section you can find all of our ASX announcements, giving you a great sense of the company’s direction and activities.

2018-01-31 December 2017 Quarterly Report

2018-01-16 UTR enters into electrolyte partnership with Sinochem

2018-01-10 Appendix 3B-Vesting of Performance Rights

2017-12-18 Completion of Selective Reduction of Capital

2017-12-06 Change in substantial holding

2017-12-06 Appendix 3Ys x 4

2017-12-06 Appendix 3B – Vesting of Performance Rights

2017-12-05 Lapse of Performance Rights

2017-11-28 Results of Annual General Meeting & Special Meeting

2017-11-22 Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form

2017-11-22 Ceasing to be a Substantial Holder

2017-11-22 DTZ: Joint Collaboration Agreement

2017-11-20 UTR Acquires Electrolyte IP for Complete Battery Solution

2017-11-14 Change in substantial holding

2017-11-14 Ceasing to be a substantial holder x 2

2017-11-13 Appendix 3B-issue of Tranche 1 Placement Shares

2017-11-03 Cleansing Prospectus

2017-11-03 UTR Completes Oversubscribed Capital Raising of AUD $2.5m

2017-10-31 September 2017 Quarterly Report

2017-10-27 Notice of Special General Meeting/Proxy Form

2017-10-27 Annual Report to Shareholders

2017-10-27 Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form

2017-10-26 Reinstatement to Official Quotation

2017-10-26 UTR Partners with Chemours to Jointly Develop Anode Material

2017-10-25 UltraCharge to Undertake Selective Capital Reduction

2017-10-25 Extension of Voluntary Suspension

2017-10-23 ASX Waiver Granted

2017-10-23 Extension of Voluntary Suspension

2017-10-19 Extension of Voluntary Suspension

2017-10-11 Investor Presentation – Updated for Cathode IP

2017-10-10 Initiation of Research Coverage

2017-10-09 UltraCharge to Acquire Evolutionary New LIB Cathode IP

2017-10-06 UTR Iron Flow Battery Has Big Potential to Meet UPS Demands

2017-10-05 Investor Presentation October 2017

2017-10-04 UltraCharge to Upscale Production for Leclanche

2017-09-26 Appendix 3B – Release of Securities from Escrow

2017-09-19 Change in substantial holding

2017-09-01 Release of Securities from Escrow

2017-08-31 Appendix 4G

2017-08-31 Appendix 4E & Financial Statements

2017-08-30 UTR Enhances Internal Development Scope & Capabilities

2017-08-16 UltraCharge Reveals New Battery Storage Technology

2017-08-03 Updated Announcement with Material Terms Summary

2017-08-03 UTR acquires Exclusive License over New Battery Technology

2017-07-31 June 2017 Quarterly Report

2017-07-24 Lapse of 3.75 million Performance Rights

2017-07-11 Change in substantial holding

2017-07-11 Appendix 3B – Release of Securities from Escrow change

2017-07-10 Appendix 3B – Vesting of Performance Rights

2017-06-28 Receives Conditional US$1m Grant Offer from SIIRD

2017-06-26 Change in Substantial Holding

2017-06-26 Appendix 3B – Release of Securities from Escrow

2017-06-23 Release of Securities from Escrow

2017-06-22 UTR Presentation for Innovation Summit in China

2017-06-20 Research Grant Received

2017-06-15 Reponse to ASX Price Query

2017-06-09 Change in Substantial Holding

2017-06-09 Ceasing To Be Substantial Holder

2017-06-08 Notice of Ceasing to be a Substantial Holder

2017-06-08 Noticed of Change of Interests of Substantial Holder

2017-06-08 Release of Securities from Escrow

2017-06-02 Notice of Change of Interests of Substantial Holder

2017-05-30 Notice of Change of Auditor

2017-05-30 Release of Securities from Escrow

2017-04-28 March 2017 Quarterly Report

2017-04-26 Change in substantial holding

2017-04-26 Change of Director’s Interest Notice

2017-04-26 Change of Director’s Interest Notice

2017-04-26 UltraCharge Completes Selective Capital Reduction

2017-04-10 Results of General & Special Meetings

2017-04-05 Change in substantial holding

2017-04-05 Appendix 3B-Release of Securities from Escrow

2017-03-21 Release of Securities from Escrow

2017-03-10 Notice of Special Meeting & Proxy Form

2017-03-10 Notice of General Meeting & Proxy Form

2017-03-07 UltraCharge Technology Update-End User Discussion Underway

2017-02-28 Appendix 4D – Half Year Financial Statements

2017-02-22 UltraCharge to Undertake Selective Capital Reduction

2017-01-30 Appendix 4c – Quarterly 

2017-01-17 Interview With Ultra-Charge CEO

2017-01-09 Appendix 3b Performance Rights

2017-01-03 Expiry of Unlisted Options

2016-12-22 Ultra-Charge Technological Advancements

2016-12-21 Ultra-Charge Commences Trading on ASX

2016-12-19 Updated Statement of Financial Position

2016-12-19 Updated Statement of Commitments

2016-12-19 Updated Capital Structure

2016-12-19 Ultra-Charge Limited Financial Statements

2016-12-19 Top 20 Shareholders

2016-12-19 Securities Trading Policy

2016-12-19 Restricted Securities

2016-12-19 Reinstatement to Official Quotation 21-12-2016

2016-12-19 Pre-Reinstatement Disclosure

2016-12-19 Notice of Initial Substantial Holder

2016-12-19 Distribution Schedule

2016-12-19 Constitution

2016-12-19 Confirmation Statements

2016-12-19 ASX Notice

2016-12-19 Appendix 1a and Information Form and Checklist

2016-12-12 Change in Substantial Holding

2016-12-09 Change of Share Registry Address

2016-12-07 Initial Director’s Interest Notice x 4

2016-12-07 Final Director’s Interest Notice x 2

2016-12-07 Becoming a Substantial Shareholder x 4

2016-12-02 Completion of Ultracharge Transaction and Change of Name

2016-12-02 Appendix 3b