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Welcome to the UltraCharge Investor Centre. Here you will find the latest information on the company’s financial announcements, presentation and other shareholder information.

Who is UltraCharge?

UltraCharge is a research and development company dedicated to creating leading edge lithium-ion battery technology that will significantly shape and improve commercial and social interaction around the world.

What makes UltraCharge unique?

UltraCharge’s technology uses a titanium dioxide nanotube gel to significantly increase performance. The company is aiming to develop and commercialise its technology into manufacturing processes for lithium ion batteries.

Headquartered in Israel, UltraCharge presents a breakthrough in Lithium Ion Battery (LIB) technology and is recognised as the ‘next big thing’ by Rachid Yazami, co-inventor of today’s generation of lithium-ion batteries.

The market is fast expanding towards new applications in electric mobility and energy storage. However, several characteristics of current LIB technology are limiting their utilisation in wider applications. UltraCharge is on the cusp of addressing all of these limitations and on a path to commercialisation.

Investment highlights

UltraCharge’s revolutionary technology has many competitive advantages, offering the following five key benefits.

Rapid Charging

Rapid Charging

UltraCharge technology allows smartphones to be charged in under six minutes, compared with current best of 60 minutes.

Enhanced Safety

With no carbon in UltraCharge batteries, thermal runaway and overheating is a thing of the past, making them safer than traditional lithium-ion batteries.



UltraCharge batteries can handle 20 times more charging cycles than today’s batteries (between 10,000 and 15,000 charging cycles).

cost efficient


By using raw materials and a patented affordable production method, UltraCharge batteries are uniquely cost-efficient.



Battery manufacturers can rapidly and easily integrate UltraCharge’s patented nanotube technology in to existing production processes.