Our mission is to provide faster, safer and more sustainable battery technologies that create life changing improvements for the Planet.

Smartphones and portable electronics have reached a level of ubiquity which has seen them integrated into every social and commercial interaction. They owe most of this success to the lithium-ion batteries that power them.*


*Source Nature (Outlooks), 2015, 526, S93

Our Leadership

Kobi Ben-Shabat, CEO

Kobi Image

Kobi was the Founder and Managing director of Open Platform Systems that was acquired by Hills Pty Ltd (ASX listed) in April 2014. He also founded OPS in 2007 and grew the company in 7 years to employ 30 people across Australia and NZ with annual sales of $14M.

With a B.A and MBA in Marketing and Information Technology, Kobi has vast experience in funds raising, sales, senior management and building new company from the ground up.

Dr Linoam Eliad, Ph.D. VP R&D

Dr Eliad brings to UltraCharge 15 years of experience as a materials engineer and an expert in Electrochemistry. 

Dr Eliad holds a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry from Bar Ilan University. She is an expert in developing nano material batteries and super capacitor technologies used in industrial companies and high-tech start-ups.
Previously Dr. Eliad led a research group that developed a unique nano Iron anode for flow battery in an Electric Fuel Energy company from 2014-2016.

Danny Hacohen, VP Business Development, Marketing & Sales.

Danny Hacohen has worked in the hi-tech industry for over 25 years. His many years of experience bring solid foundation to Ultra-Charge. Danny has held various senior positions in the business and operation management of several technology companies.

These Includes Paradox Security Systems where he held the position of EVP Business Development, DSP Group where he served as VP Business Operation, Emblaze group where he conducted the role of COO, as well as TowerJazz where he served as VP Sales for 8 years while establishing the required infrastructure to pursue  company’s business activities in Europe & Asia Pacific. Danny holds BA degree in Social Science and Mathematics from Haifa University and MBA studies from the University of Bradford.

Advisory Board

Prof Chen Xiaodong, CSA

Dr. Xiaodong Chen is an Associate Professor at the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore). His research interests include integrated nano-bio interface and programmable materials for energy conversion. He has done significant research work in the area of self-assembly, nanoelectronics, and plasmonics, and published over 40 papers in prestigious refereed journals.

He received his BS degree in chemistry (honors) from Fuzhou University in China in 1999, an MS degree in physical chemistry (honors) from Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences and a Ph.D. degree (Summa Cum Laude) in biochemistry from University of Muenster (Germany) in 2006.

So far, he has published over 170 scientific articles and has given more than 100 invited talks/seminars.

Rachid Yazami

Rachid Yazami is a French Moroccan scientist best known as a co-inventor of lithium ion batteries, rechargeable batteries and flouride ion batteries.

In 1980 Yazami was the first to discover a process that led to the creation of the lithium-graphite anode, now used in commercial lithium ion batteries, a market currently valued at over US$20B.

While holding a Research Director position with the CNRS in France, Yazami served as a Visiting Associate at the California Institute of Technology between 2000 and 2010 conducting cooperative research on electrode materials including nanostructured materials such as carbon nanotubes, nano-silicon and nano-germanium anodes.

In 2010 Yazami was appointed a Nanyang Visiting Professor before becoming the Cheng Tsang Man Chair Professor in Energy at the School of Materials Science and Engineering of the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. He currently serves as the Director of Battery Programs at the Energy Research Institute (ERIAN) and as a Co-Principal Investigator in TUM Create Center of Electromobility lab in Singapore.

Prof. Gideon Grader

Gideon Grader Image

Prof. Gideon Grader got his BSc degree at UC Berkeley (1982) and his PhD degree at Caltech (1986), both in the departments of Chemical Engineering. He has  spent 30 years working in ceramic processing and Sol-Gel materials in particular.
He founded the Technion Energy Program (GTEP) and served as its director from 2017-2015. As of January 2016, he currently serves as Dean of the Chemical Engineering department.